Galenika and Pantenol Pink October

During the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Galenika is again this year making a donation to the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia. Namely, from each Pantenol product purchased during October (cream, ointment, solution, oriblets or foam), Galenika allocates 20 RSD for the donation to the national institute that provides diagnosis, treatment and counsel to breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer is the most common form of malignant tumor, and the Breast Cancer Month aims to raise awareness about its frequency and the importance of prevention and examination, ie early diagnosis, which significantly affects the success of treatment.

Statistics say that one in eight women develops breast cancer during lifetime. It is a disease that affects a higher percentage of women, but it is also present in men. Annual screening and early diagnosis are of great importance for the success of treatment. In addition to the doctor’s examination, it is recommended that the self-examination be performed once a month.

The World Health Organization cites raising awareness about this disease as the most important step in the outcome of treatment. Through this campaign Galenika and Pantenol draw attention to the importance of prevention and regular self-examinations. And together with Galenika, all consumers participate in the donation and awareness raising by purchasing Galenika’s Pantenol products. We have a very good reason to buy Pantenol products this month.

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