Georgios Kalaitzakis, Managing Director of MBL Company: For us this year is marked by investments and the company’s development

Building a new business facility, expanding the range of machines, and providing even more reliable services are the three key things we are working on

The MBL Company was founded over two decades ago and is the market leader in the graphic machinery segment in Serbia and abroad. Under its recognizable MBL brand, the company provides its clients and customers with services like sales and servicing of high-quality laser machines for cutting and engraving of various materials, which are used from fashion to heavy metal industry.

The fact that the company is now building its business facility after so many years of operations testifies that dedication and persistence do pay off. The company is especially proud of the fact that even in the altered business environment due to the pandemic, they are still working on their growth and development.

Georgios Kalaitzakis, Managing Director of MBL Company

We talked to the founder and Managing Director of MBL, Georgios Kalaitzakis, about the way they organized their operations during the pandemic, investment in the new business facility, plans, and expectations for the next period.

The pandemic is in full swing throughout Europe. How have you adjusted your business in these changed conditions caused by the coronavirus contagion?

The whole world is facing a crisis and difficult conditions for doing business, including our company. From the very beginning, we tried to continue operating normally, as much as possible in such changed circumstances. This entails no layoffs, working full time, and due to the large volume of work and the need to respond to the requests of our customers, we continued to work on the company’s premises in compliance with all epidemiological measures and employee protection. At some point, closed borders exacerbated our business, given that we have customers and clients in the neighbouring countries, especially the countries of the former Yugoslavia – Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We are continuing to work hard and develop the company. We believe that we are on the right path and that the crisis that has befallen us all will contribute to us becoming even stronger and more successful”

Many companies have recorded business growth this year, despite the crisis. What contributed to the success of your company?

We have been in business for more than two decades and we have regular customers who always come back to us. Thanks to having a stable business during all these years, we had enough room to lower the prices of one segment of our engraving machine range, which was reflected in the increase in sales volume and revenue. Due to the reduced prices of some machines, we have gained the trust of new customers. At the same time, we have raised the quality of our service segment to a higher and more reliable level. Expanding the range of our machines and presses for metal processing also contributed to the increase in the business volume.

New MBL facility

Tell us more about your plans and expectations for the next period.

We are very proud of the fact that we have started building our new facility. This is something that has been planned for years, and the implementation of that project is ongoing. The 960-square-metre facility is our investment and will be house offices, a warehouse, and a showroom. The construction works are expected to be completed in about a year. Despite the crisis and altered business conditions due to the pandemic, the works have not stopped. On the contrary, they are in full swing, and we are looking forward to meeting our customers and clients in the new premises. A large warehouse and showroom will facilitate our business a lot because we will be able to meet the market demands at any given time in terms of supplying high-quality machines for laser engraving and cutting and presses for metal processing.

We are continuing to work hard and develop the company. We believe that we are on the right path and that the crisis that has befallen us all will contribute to us becoming even stronger and more successful.

Fun facts about the application of laser engraving machines in the fashion industry

Laser technology is widely used in the leather and footwear industry. The advantages of this technology lie in the possibility of engraving various samples, high speed and efficiency, and the application on various leather materials without damaging their surface. Besides, lasers are widely used in sandblasting jeans.

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