GOLDEN HEART CLUB – A Support that brings back a smile

Have you ever heard of the Golden Heart Club? With regular monthly donations, members of the Club provide support to children and young people without parental care and families in need under the care of SOS Children’s Villages Foundation. Starting from 15th March 2021, citizens of each and every town in Serbia as well as entire world may become members of the Golden Heart Club. By applying for regular monthly donations, using your bank card on web site:, you are providing an opportunity for children and young people at risk and without parental care to grow in stimulative environment filled with love, with smiles on their faces, being respected and safe. With your support, families in need are given a chance to stay together and be capable to ensure safe environment for their children in order for them to have normal childhood and development.

Thanks to regular monthly donations, there are currently 92 children and young people living in SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo. They are growing in the family environment, together with their brothers, sisters and SOS mothers, sharing with them happy and sad moments, toys and candies, school stories. They do their homework together, learn foreign languages, play their favourite songs and keep first love secrets. Via youth programs, they finish schools, learn crafts, go to universities and prepare for independent life.

Through the Centres for Family Support in Niš and Belgrade, the families are given a chance to overcome crises, provide stabile environment for the development of their children, so as to keep their children with them. Strong Youth Centre provides active support to young people raised under the alternative care and from socially challenged families, in order to obtain additional knowledge and skills, and find employment and jobs to support themselves.

Join the Golden Heart Club and those who, by regular monthly donations, provide a chance for a better life and happier future for children and young people in risk and without parental care.

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