Goodwill Pharma presented its results

In Belgrade, in the pleasant ambience of the restaurant Cantina del vino, a working breakfast for representatives of the media was held on which Goodwill Pharma presented its the success and unveiled its new targets. On this occasion, the eminent experts spoke on the topic of osteoarthritis, one of the most common rheumatic diseases.

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Goodwill Pharma has existed since 2003. “Since its establishment, Goodwill Pharma has cooperated with many renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers and dealers worldwide. Further development of its own product lines in the field of food supplements, medical devices, instruments for general purposes, but also medicines, is one of the main company goals over the next 3-5 years. “- Pointed out the owner and CEO, ZoltanTamaš. In the professional part the talk of osteoarthritis highlighted the initiatives of Goodwill Pharma in collaboration with the Association of Serbian Rheumatology and Association of physiatrists Serbia to begin work on a new clinical guidelines for physicians as well as the Guide for patients.

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