Gorenje Gastro Planet: Food and culture from around the world

“Diplomacy & Commerce” Magazine, Association “Bač u srcu Bačke” (“Bač in the heart of Bačka”) and “Petrovaradin Media”, in cooperation with the Novi Sad Fair, organized a three-day event “Gorenje Gastro Planet” at the 50th International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad, 5th, 6th and 7th in October 2017, in the Master Centre.

Visitors had the opportunity to taste traditional specialties from around the world, and the Embassies of Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, Algeria, Brazil, Macedonia and Mexico were presented.
Matthias Claivaz, the first secretary and head of the economic and commercial department of the Embassy of Italy in Belgrade, and Carmina Tarallo, President of the Italian Cultural Centre and the honorary Vice-Consul of Italy for Vojvodina and Slovak Ambassador Dagmar Repčekova talked about the traditional specialties, culture and tourist offer of their countries. President of the Municipality of Bački Petrovac, Srđan Simić, Ambassador of Ukraine Oleksandr Aleksandrovych, Ambassador of Algeria Abdelhamid Chebchoub, Ambassador of Brazil Isabel Christine de Azevedo Heyvaert, Ambassador of Macedonia, Vera Jovanovska Tipko and Ambassador of Mexico, Marco Antonio García Blanco with his wife.

During the three-day event, two promotions were held. On the second day, a book that was published in the edition of Color Media Communications “Lost in the Plains”, which was written by Žikica Milošević, Editor-in-Chief of Diplomacy&Commerce, was presented with a panel. Robert Čoban, President of the Color Press Group, Vladmir Dorčova-Valtnerova, editor-in-chief of Hlas L’udu, Nenad Pagonis, kikbokser and Vladimir Manjko, the representative of the Ruthenian national minority took part in the panel.

On the last day a luxurious bilingual magazine “Hello! Travel: Novi Sad” was presented, which, in cooperation with the Tourist Organisation of Novi Sad, was published by Color Media Communications. The book was presented by a panel with the following participants: Branislav Kneževićc, Director of the Tourist Organisation of Novi Sad, Robert Čoban, President of the Color Press Group, Žikica Milošević, editor of the magazine, Borivoj Mirosavljević, photographer, Sava Damjanov, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad and Jovan Matić, frontman of the band Gift.

On the stand of “Gorenje Gastro Planet”, the festivals “Novi Sad Oktoberfest 2017” and “Novi Sad WinterFest” were promoted. There was a casting for waiters and waitresses of “Novi Sad Oktoberfest 2017”, and the audience was also cooked by the famous Novi Sad people – Nataša Ilić, TV host and Voja Malešev, frontmen of “Drum ‘N’ Zez” band.

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