Grand Hotel Kopaonik presented exhibition to celebrate 40 years of modern tourism at Mt. Kopaonik

“Down memory lane” exhibition organized by Grand Hotel Kopaonik officially presented to journalists and representatives of tourism at Sava Promenade in Belgrade

This outdoor exhibition is inspired by the beginnings of ski tourism in our country, by the first enthusiasts who climbed Mt. Kopaonik and the first steps taken to turn Kopaonik into a modern tourist centre. The opening of Karavan Hotel in 1981 was a turning point and a reward for previous efforts invested in the construction and development of infrastructure at Mt. Kopaonik. That moment brought the spirit of European ski centres to our country. Until the end of October, visitors will have an opportunity to see archive images of Kopaonik from different periods in the past – including its modest beginnings and becoming one of the key tourist destinations in Serbia.


MK Mountain Resort Marketing and Communications Director Svetlana Kostić has said that the exhibition should reflect a blissful journey of Mt. Kopaonik from first ski traces in the snow to a jet-set tourist destination we have today. “I would like to express gratitude to the Yugoslav Archive, the Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS), the Raška Tourist Organization and the Raška Ski Club for their assistance and support in the preparation of this exhibition. Grand Hotel has always been a hotel ahead of its time, a foundation stone of a luxurious tourist offer in Serbia. We are especially pleased that in the year of celebration of its anniversary, Grand Hotel will receive a brand new, luxurious outward aspect. Our goal is to raise the overall service and its offer to a premium level Grand Hotel deserves,“ Svetlana Kostić explained.

Radoš Đorđević, GM MK Mountain Resort, Marija Labović, TOS Director and Svetlana Kostić, MK Mountain Resort Marketing and Communications Director

TOS Director Marija Labović has said that the anniversary, namely 40 years since the launch of the development of modern tourism at Mt. Kopaonik is important not only for MK Group and Kopaonik but for entire Serbia too.

Marija Labović, TOS Director

“This is the best indicator of how far tourism in our country has advanced and reached an important position in the Serbian economy.  MK Group’s investments have placed Kopaonik on a map as a destination at the same level as world ski centres. Kopaonik is an example of the development of destinations, not only in the winter period but during the entire year as well.  Today, we can freely say that we have a mountain that can rival all other mountain resorts in Europe and rightfully compete for foreign and local tourists,” Marija Labović concluded.

According to her, the role of Kopaonik for tourism of Serbia is also reflected in the data that in 2019, a record-breaking year for Serbian tourism, more than 10 mn nights, almost 30%, were realized in mountain resorts, out of 25% at Mt. Kopaonik.

Wonder strings- string trio

The last exhibition segment will present the new era of Grand Hotel Kopaonik, its luxurious appearance and content offered to guests as soon as this winter. The exhibition will be open to visitors until October 22 and serves as a kind of tribute to the beautiful Kopaonik we have been enjoying all these years.

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