The parent company of EKO Serbia rebrands committing to a sustainable future

Andreas Shiamishis, CEO of HELLENiQ Energy Group

HELLENIC PETROLEUM, one of the largest energy companies in Southeast Europe, has proudly presented its new name HELLENiQ ENERGY as part of its sustainability-focused business strategy. On the same night, its affiliate company, EKO Serbia, celebrated 20 years of successful presence in the country.

The astonishing rebranding event was presented to the numerous representatives of the Government of Serbia, diplomatic core, business partners, media and employees of EKO Serbia on November 16th. During the event, strategic changes were introduced, aligned with the visual identity and the company name HELLENiQ ENERGY.

HELLENiQ ENERGY’s corporate rebranding marks the completion of a comprehensive business transformation process, which is the first phase of the group’s ambitious ‘Vision 2025’ strategic plan. The company will be focusing on sustainable development while investing significant resources in the use of renewable energy and refinery digitalization and modernization. The goal of HELLENiQ ENERGY is to reduce its environmental footprint in a bid to tackle the challenges of climate change.

The new logo has carefully designed aspects which represent a part of HELLENiQ ENERGY’s identity and illustrate the company’s main values: energy transition and progress. Keeping a strong bond to the company’s history, the recognizable stripes have been set in motion and evolved into a wave of energy, while the guiding star represents a spark of intelligence and a guiding element. The new brand appearance of HELLENiQ ENERGY is also characterized by a bright and strong colour code, a palette that is a tribute to the Group’s deep roots in Greece, with Ocean Blue as the main brand colour.

Aris Karousos, CEO of EKO Serbia and Andreas Shiamishis, CEO of HELLENiQ Energy Group

CEO of HELLENiQ ENERGY, Mr Andreas Shiamishis, addressed the public:

Our company has always been striving for a growth-driven innovative spirit that leads to global success. This evening, I had the privilege to present this milestone moment for Hellenic Petroleum – unveiling our new corporate identity and proudly presenting the business vision and corporate strategy that will make crucial business changes on a global and regional level.

That is why we are changing the basis of our Vision 2025. We will utilize all our resources with the vision of creating improved environmental and social landscapes. HELLENiQ ENERGY will be reducing its environmental footprint while addressing the climate challenges.

We will reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. We incorporate innovation and leverage new technologies and advanced know-how into this necessary energy transition. And we’ve just started.”

CEO of EKO Serbia, Mr Aris Karousos, welcomed the guests:

“This is a new era for HELLENiQ ENERGY, for our country, with green initiatives, modern energy solutions and reducing the environmental footprint. Our company’s new business visions, in cooperation with local institutions, will be the synonym of renewable energy sources and environmental protection in Serbia and the region.

Tonight, we also celebrate our 20-year anniversary of EKO Serbia. We are proud of a long journey that helped us build bonds of trust with consumers and customers, investing more than 100 million euros in the country. With more than 700 employees engaged with the company, and a network of 56 petrol stations offering great quality products and services, EKO Serbia will continue this journey putting our consumers, society and the environment at the core of our operations to the next 20 years“.

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