Hemofarm at the UN debate on sustainable development

Hemofarm is the only company from Serbia and this part of Europe that has had the opportunity to participate in this year’s UN Debate on Sustainable Development in the company of the world’s largest companies like Gugla. Hemofarm’s recent entry into the final of the Global Sustainable Development Competition “Ideas for Action” nominated this company for participants in an expert discussion organized at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, which gave Hemofarm a worldwide certificate of good business practice applied in to his work.

Sanda Savić, director of corporate affairs and communications at this company, had the opportunity to speak to top officials of international organizations, representatives of governments and companies from various parts of the world on behalf of Hemofarm. At the gathering attended by World Bank Vice President Mahmoud Mohieldin, renowned professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Vorton School of Business, George Petkoski, as well as the Executive Director of UN Women, Assistant Secretary-General of the UN, directors of international organizations and ministers, presented the principles of sustainable development that are the foundation Hemofarm business. “The significance of this theme for Hemofarm is best illustrated by the fact that our new Sustainable Development Report has conceived exactly according to 17 UN goals. We want to motivate other companies in Serbia and the region to start taking more care of resources, preserving nature, respecting the rights of employees, giving more support to the individual and the local community, or everything that makes sustainable development. At the same time, our goal is also to inspire each individual to align their lives and behavior with the values ​​of sustainable development. This is the only way for the generations to come to preserve this one of our only planets, “she said at a gathering of corporate director at Hemofarm.

In the aforementioned UN debate, whose main theme was the role of women in achieving the goals of sustainable development, the Serbian company also served as an example of good practice regarding the position of women in business. “In Hemofarm, more than half of the employees are women, and they account for 60 percent of the company’s management. Although this should be understood everywhere in the world, I am proud to point out that in the same work for us, women and men are paid equally, with the same chances for professional development, and their successes are valued exclusively in terms of expertise, professionalism and personal motivation. ”

Unfortunately, even in developed countries, women still have unequal treatment compared to men. “The fact that this inequality is not clearly visible everywhere, it is sophisticated, does not mean it is gone. That is why it is the task of all of us to strengthen the position of women. By doing this, we return the society to one of the basic values ​​of humanity – taking care of people! “- concluded Sanda Savić.

At the UN headquarters, winners of the special competition promoting women entrepreneurs were presented, and this year the focus was on projects from Africa. Presenting rewarded projects and their authors, World Bank Vice President Mahmoud Mohieldin said that without the participation of women in business and social life, achieving sustainable development goals would not be possible.

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