Hemofarm Promoter of Sustainable Development in the SEE

For the third year in a row, Hemofarm has received the highest rating (equivalent to A+) for implementing sustainable development in its business, which continues to maintain the level of success, but also to be one of the leaders in sustainable development in the region. That’s why it counts in a few.

This year, the honour to present the latest report titled “When Works Become Deeds”, but also to announce the accession of the Global Compact, Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm and Vice President of STADA for Southeast Europe. “As it says at the beginning of our new report, sustainable development is a story of how to be better in everything we do, to respect people and the community in which we work and live, to save resources and preserve the environment. Experts say that in a decade or two, companies that do not operate according to the principles of sustainable development will not exist in the global market. We in Hemofarm took on our role to be the initiator of the change and promoter of sustainable development in the region of Southeast Europe” said Seeliger.

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