Hiring a Communications Specialist is Not a Luxury, but a Necessity

“Even if you think that your company is not big enough to need PR or you think that at a certain stage of development of your personal or product brand you do not need PR – trust me you are wrong. Or at least believe Bill Gates, who said that he would spend his last dollar on PR,” says Aleksandra Kožul, director of corporate communications at Novaston.

What is the purpose of PR and media?

We can say that the main function of PR is to create a positive perception of a brand, company or individual, and then to maintain it, to prevent a crisis or to solve it in an adequate way, without threatening the perception and reputation. The purpose of PR is to build a positive relationship between the public and the brand (company or individual) in a strategic way, through integrated communication, that is, to ensure positive public affection, loyalty and a good position on the market and in the media space. Even if you think that your company is not big enough to need PR or you think that at a certain stage of development of your personal or product brand you do not need PR – trust me you are wrong. Or at least believe Bill Gates who said he would spend his last dollar on PR. PR is not a luxury, but a necessity. Regardless of the size or stage of growth, every company, brand or individual needs to cultivate good public relations because it is the only way to be accepted, supported and successful.

Aleksandra Kožul will be an expert associate and lecturer within the program Conscious Business and Economy of Purpose ™ – S.B.E.S ™, on the second module 29.3. – 17-20h / 30.3. – 11 a.m.-5 p.m. F.L.O.W. ™ at the Mercure Belgrade Excelsior Hotel, Kneza Miloša 5, Belgrade.

In building brands and products, how important is it to be aware of personal PR?

If we keep in mind that personal brand is what sets us apart from the crowd – our skills, knowledge, passions, experience, reflection of our convictions and values, we can say that it is practically necessary to be aware of the importance of personal brand. Personal brand is the image we present to the world, and if we want to be successful in that – we or our product or the company we represent, we must build such a personal brand that matches who we really are, so that the public trusts us. What is crucial in the process of building a personal brand is to find the right measure and harmony between some generally accepted principles and our character. That is why it is important to be aware of who we are, what we want to achieve and what our ultimate goal is. On that path, we must not be blindly guided by certain rules, but act in accordance with who we really are, because that is the only way we can be recognized and recognized in public. If we really live what we do and do what we live, people will trust us and make it easier for them to decide for us and what we offer. Whenever I think about this topic, I always remember a famous pop singer who told me in a conversation that he did not agree to do a commercial for milk for an extremely high fee at the time, because the public knew that he much preferred other drinks and that he simply would not it was good neither for him nor for the brand, because it wouldn’t support his essence and everyone would know that the campaign is fake. This is a real example of the importance of personal branding and awareness.

How are purpose and PR connected today?

In today’s ever-changing world, people are constantly looking for more from the brands they support. Simply having a great product or service is no longer enough. Instead, business leaders should ask hard questions such as – What is our responsibility to our people and our community? What do we stand for? What is our purpose? – and to create their business strategy based on the answers to them. We are witnessing that only those who, along with added value, offer a more humane approach to people, are environmentally aware, support the availability of education – simply show concern for the planet and humanity. We must all be more empathetic together, everything we do and the way we work, but also live, must have a higher purpose – a better future.

How do we connect purpose and PR in building a successful strategy?

Every company, brand or individual must know its purpose – why it does something and what it wants to achieve. Purpose is what forms the foundation, the fundamental “why” of our existence and business. It must contain the mission, vision and values ​​and must be communicated in an adequate way. In any successful business strategy, therefore, the first step is to define what our purpose is, whether we are a brand, company or individual, and then integrate it into the communication strategy, in all its aspects, including PR activities. Communication must be consistent and authentic, clear and true, in line with all the values ​​we share. It must clearly reflect and support our purpose – vision, mission and goals.

In what way is the WHY of companies more important today than ever?

 Today, it is very important that when creating a business strategy, you first answer questions such as – does my brand solve a problem for the people around me, how can what I do have a positive effect on the local community, how can what I do improve the life of the community. In fact, it’s critical that you align your business strategy with the “Why” and that the story around it evolves over time as needed. We have witnessed that socially responsible business has been trying to be legally secured for some time, not only in the EU countries, but here as well. In the business world, issues of sustainability, social responsibility and good governance are becoming increasingly important. The concept of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) has become a key framework for assessing and managing these issues. Integrating ESG into a company’s business strategy brings numerous benefits, such as better performance and performance, strong reputation and trust. Companies that are recognized as socially responsible are more likely to attract loyal customers and talent. In most cases, people will pay more when they know that a company operates in a socially responsible manner. Take Cuddle + Kind, for example, which sells dolls handmade by women artisans in Peru. Each doll purchased provides 10 meals for children around the world, while on the other hand, the women who make them have a safe and decent income. Although they cost up to $73 per doll, they have sold over 22 million meals as of 2015.

We must always keep in mind that today, when we are flooded daily with a sea of ​​offers, advertisements, products, it is very difficult to win over a customer to become loyal to a certain brand or product. Research shows that customer satisfaction alone is no longer a sufficient reason for them to remain loyal to the same products or the same company. As many as 65-85% of customers who choose another product or brand say that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the previous brand. It is interesting that in the auto industry, satisfaction with a purchased car ranges from 85-95%, and yet, only 40% of customers buy the same brand again (source: Linkedin). That’s why loyalty is a big challenge for everyone today. What kind of program to create, how to keep a satisfied customer and turn him into a loyal one are questions that brands face every day. Today, the question of loyalty has become a question of survival in the market. The customer is at the center of everything, as a person, someone who not only buys, but also builds a certain brand, decides on a product, gives his opinion, influences campaigns. For some time now, brands have gone one step further, allowing their consumers to literally create a product the way they want it. The business success of the brand depends more and more on a satisfied and loyal consumer (client) who is not only looking for the value of the product, but also the value of the brand. That is why they can no longer be seen only as a goal, but as partners, whose views, wishes and ideas must be listened to and understood.

source: vremeza.com

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