HOM PARVIZ, General Manager, Hyatt Regency Belgrade: We Are More Optimistic Than Ever About Our Future

Hyatt Regency is one of company’s very first brands of hotels and resorts. Today there are more than 175 Regency hotels and resorts worldwide. True to the origins of the brand and remaining at the heart of the Hyatt portfolio, innovating through architecture and interior design, from the way the space is used, to the “one stop experience” philosophy. They are committed to delighting their guests around the world, enriching every visit and inspiring
meaningful connections with colleagues, with friends and family, and with us.

Hyatt Regency Belgrade is one of the best examples of that philosophy. We spoke with Mr. Hom Parviz, General Manager, about the Belgrade hospitality market, the profile of consumers and their demands. “As the Hyatt Regency
story continues with the same spark that inspired their first hotel more than five decades ago, they continue to evolve and push boundaries in everything that they do. The organic growth of hotels in Belgrade is mostly coming from the middle market brands, while there are few full-service upper market hotels in the city”, says Parviz.

What have been the most significant investments in the recent years? How the hotel features have evolved in the mean time? How did you meet consumers demands?

— Belgrade Mixed Enterprise (BMP), the owning company of Hyatt Regency Belgrade has heavily invested in revamping and renovation projects at the hotel since purchasing the property in 1989, and much more lies ahead. Renovation projects will carry on into 2020, which conveys a clear and positive message that the company continues to invest in the property and upgrade of the building, and puts an end to the recent circulating story as Our Hotel is Not for Sale. Our renovation projects over the last five years included all the 39 suites, four guest room floors representing fresh welcoming, with smart furnishings allowing guests to go from working to playing to relaxing with ease.The well-known and popular Crystal Ballroom and all event areas went through major refreshment, while our new reception and lobby brought a multifunctional concept to the heart of the hotel encouraging connections and lively conversation among our guests.In the past 2 years our popular Olympus Spa and Fitness Center also had a face lift, representing modern swimming pool and brand new male and female spa facilities. Stronger demand for meetings and small conventions, across the entire year has helped boost our revenues. In the final quarter of 2018 the hotel will commence transformation of our renowned Focaccia restaurant to a unique venue, giving our guests new place to meet or celebrate. Multipurpose furnishings allow for flexible usage, and variable workspaces will
offer the perfect setting for creative meetings, formal presentations, workshops, art exhibitions and celebration gatherings.

What are the specifics of the Belgrade hotel market?What are your long-term goals?

— In terms of business objectives, with various hotel projects being developed in the city of Belgrade, we will ensure to continue having a cutting-edge approach to our product offerings. Belgrade’s hotel market is based on a value-for-money perception; therefore we need to ensure that we place our products within reach of those consumers without compromising on the services offered. Looking at the organic growth of hotels in Belgrade, we see this is mostly from middle market brands or so called Select Service hotels, where some travellers are prepared to experience this, and from time to time this puts pressure on full service upper market hotels in the city, which there are less than a handful. Therefore, the challenge and the plan for Hyatt is clear: to ensure that our guests are able to differentiate between Hyatt and their competitors, and to invest constantly in its business and be among the Top 10 Hyatt Regency hotels globally in overall customer service standards. Renovation of a further 2 guest floors will complete this stage of 2019 reconstruction, featuring the most spacious standard hotel rooms in the city measuring at 38 sq/m.


What kind of new changes your customers should expect in the coming years? What is new in the pipeline?

— The current projects in the pipeline for 2019 and beyond – include design work in progress for adding 650 sq/m of new events space in the lower lobby area, allowing our guests the choice of a formal setting in Crystal ballroom
or an alternative space for less formal events. Transformation of the Tea House outlet to a café-style Market offering food, drinks and regional items creating a one-stop shop for everything guests need in an elegant and airy space in the heart of hotel. Renovation of a further 2 guest floors will complete this stage of 2019 reconstruction.

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