How can real estate developers reach customers quickly and easily?

The Serbian capital is rapidly changing its landscape, and the growing offer of newly built real estate has led to increasing competition. Until recently, the general consensus was that apartments were selling themselves, but now the situation is quite different. Due to the abundant choice, buyers today are increasingly turning to newly built properties, which must stand out in terms of quality, price, but also in terms of sales approach.

Considering market competitiveness, developers are investing more resources in advertising and sales, and it is quite noticeable that the new complexes are no longer just buildings, with four bare walls, but also contain the words “oasis, gates, gardens” and the like, because they now represent a certain lifestyle.


The first Serbian online real estate agency, City Expert, has quickly recognized the necessity of project branding, which offered real estate developers in the new real estate segment a new service that combines sales, marketing and production resources to better present newly built properties and reach customers quickly and easily.


City Expert offers developers a completely different view of their property through various forms of cooperation, from classic advertising on the website, through a personalized digital campaign with sales mediation and marketing services that bring greater visibility to new construction to exclusive sale of apartments that includes all of the aforementioned.


Mandino Kokir from Kosmajski Vrtovi is one of the real estate developers that City Expert helped reach the right customers quickly and efficiently.

The luxury complex with residential houses on Kosmaj is something different on our market, because it consists of houses that offer the opportunity of living in nature away from city’s hustle and bustle but close to the main city events.


According to Mr Kokir, the project is envisaged to provide more benefits, because it is multifunctional, and thanks to its square footage, it can be suitable for everyday life as well as a weekend retreat. He points out that the cooperation with City Expert has contributed to the entire complex being shown transparently, thanks to professionally done photos, renders, videos, floor plans and marketing promotion, which has made it more visible on the market.


“Working with City Expert has greatly facilitated some of the sales and marketing, as they have provided a service that has given customers accurate and precise information about the project,” says Mandino Kokir.


He points out that it is difficult to decide what was the most important segment in the overall cooperation because each part contributed to better promotion of the complex, which is why Mr Kokir will continue cooperating with City Expert on next projects in order to easily reach customers. He also recommends other real estate developers to use City Expert’s services.


On the market that is practically saturated with new properties, it is a real challenge to reach the target group, and all the benefits offered by City Expert will certainly make it possible for real estate developers to reach customers easily and quickly while spending the least possible amount of energy and time.

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