How important it is what we drink beer from?

In what type of glass is beer served, how much is glass purity important for preserving valuable beer ingredients, is beer is a frozen glass a solution for true refreshment? We have received answers to these questions from Tomislav Pasarić from Apatinska pivara, who participated in a unique event of busting beer-related myths at the Wurst Platz on Thursday

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Enjoying a glass of beer is a moment that true beer lovers wait for a whole day. And that moment mustn’t be ruined by anything.

Certainly, quality of consumed beer is the most important feature, but a glass also affects the overall impression. Its shape, thickness… many things define a glass for beer consumption. Naturally, it goes without saying that a glass is clean, because it’s also a prerequisite for preserving precious beer ingredients.

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Thick glass mugs, once the first association to beer, have an advantage over other glasses because glass thickness maintains beer temperature. However, a universal beer glass, a pint, fully supports proper beer consumption. Taller than standard pints, the Weizen Glass, similar to a cup that widens at the top, has thin glass that emphasises a colour of beer. It is mainly used for German what beers.

The so-called tulip glass, widening like a tulip, has a wide rim, highly convenient for froth. Froth bubbles move from the bottom to the top when consuming beer, with beer going seamlessly through a glass. A goblet cup, with a medium-tall foot, a heavy central part and thick walls, is excellent for maintaining beer froth and slowly enjoying an aroma.

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Those who think that it is advisable to freeze a glass to serve super-cold beer should follow an expert recommendation:

– An ideal temperature for consumption is between 6⁰ and 9⁰ C for lagers, and up to 13⁰ C for darker beers. Beer in a frozen glass will seem refreshing, but it will lose a rich aroma, smell and taste – say Tomislav Pasarić.
Everything else is a part of the story that is more difficult to tell. All you need to do is enjoy.

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