HOW TO HAVE CHEAPER ELECTRICITY? – Three most important things you should know

We are talking to director of Energia Gas and Power, Velimir Gavrilović about various possibilities in regard to electricity supply.

  1. Could you describe to us what really happened?

An important shift happened in 2013 with the market liberalization when consumers were given an opportunity to choose their electricity supplier. In practice, this means that just like we can choose a petrol station, or a baker, we also have a choice when it comes to picking our own electricty supplier. Of course, there are fewer electricity suppliers than suppliers of other goods because in order to become an electricity supplier you have to have a licence, infrastructure, knowledge and experience. Energia brought all of this under one roof and, consequentially, has grown into the biggest private electricity supplier in Serbia.

  1. So what possibilities are there?

Every consumer can pick the most affordable supplier and thus have better, long-term planning of their electricity costs. There are no ugly surprises with a supplier like Energia – you pay as much as you use, the continuity is guaranteed, and the bill is transparent. Also, we are fully available to our clients for any questions, comments or advice, we reply to our clients’ calls, we organize meetings, and together we go through our offer.

  1. Could you tell us something about this process?

The process is very simple. Once a client accepts our offer, the process of switching to another supplier starts. This is Energia’s job and we regularly inform our future clients about the status of their change from one supplier to another. After the process is completed, Energia becomes their official supplier. All stages of this process are described on our website , or you can call 0800 787852 and speak to our advisers at any given moment who are going to reply to any questions might have.

It is important to mention that, during this process, the consumer continues to have uninterrupted electricity supply and suffers no consenquences because of it. The changes will be visible on the first bill, and during the established relation with Energia. There is a new energy in town!

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