How to make your dinars work for you

Invest your savings at excellent interest rates and a favorable exchange rate

Economic uncertainty on the global market has been present for a long period of time, and many are postponing or halting their investment plans. Analysts advise that now the wisest investment is term savings in banks, in dinars. Savings in dinars is still more profitable than foreign currency, NBS data show, and this type of savings is growing month by month from June 2022. The yield from interest, for a term of 12 months, can bring significantly more benefits than potential investments in different areas, and the level of security that this type of investment provides should be taken into account.

As one of the systemically most important banks on the market, UniCredit Bank recognizes real opportunities for the benefit of its clients, which is why a special offer for savings in dinars, valid until March 31, 2023, was formed. Namely, the NKS of 5.2% on dinars and the EKS of 5.27%, according to the decision of the NBS, clients are allowed to save without tax on capital income, and if they convert currency in order to pay dinars to savings, payment at a more favorable exchange rate compared to regular, which is practically a way for “dinars to work for the client”.

Representative example: The offer is valid for new deposits from 01.02. until 31.03.2023. years. Representative example for Term savings in dinars: Classic term deposit in RSD currency; the amount of RSD 1,000,000.00; NKS fixed, on an annual basis: 5.20%; EKS 5.27%. Interest is calculated using the proportional method; *Term period: 12 months; The total amount that the user will receive after the term period is RSD 1,052,722.22, and the total and net interest amount: RSD 52,722.22. There are no criteria for deposit indexing. In case of premature cancellation, the Bank does not calculate and does not charge interest for the period from the conclusion of the contract to the day of cancellation. Calculation made on February 1, 2023. years. The bank participates in the mandatory deposit insurance system established in the Republic of Serbia. A prerequisite for term savings is the opening of a Savings package account, which is free of charge. In the case of conversion for the purpose of depositing dinars, we offer the application of a more favorable exchange rate compared to the regular one for a minimum amount of EUR 10,000 in dinar equivalents.


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