Humanitarian evening of the “Vivarte” organization at the White Palace

A humanitarian evening of the “Vivarte” organization was held at the White Palace, which aims to collect financial resources to help young musicians, and this time funds were collected for the music school in Bujanovac. The founder of the organization is Ljuban Živanović, a former participant of “Idol”, and today a tenor of the Hamburg Opera

Aleksandar Sofronijević Sofra, who was among the first to arrive at the event, donated three accordions, while Saša Popović, who did not appear at this event for legitimate reasons, donated a piano.

Among the guests and donors were numerous public figures such as Ana Bekuta, Zejna Muhrić, Ana Stanić, Goca Tržan…

Princess Katarina also appeared at the event, while Prince Alexander addressed himself in writing.

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