Hungary for a Party? Ambassador Magyar Delivers!

The city’s historic Palace Beli Dvor was buzzing with celebration on Thursday evening as the Embassy of Hungary hosted a special reception to mark Hungarian National Day.

Ambassador of Hungary, H.E. Mr. József Zoltán Magyar, and Mrs. Laura Magyar welcomed a diverse crowd of dignitaries, local officials, and cultural representatives to celebrate not only Hungary’s past but also its present-day connections with Serbia.

The event kicked off at 6 PM, against a backdrop of traditional music and culinary delights that showcased Hungary’s vibrant culture. Ambassador Magyar’s speech highlighted the enduring friendship between Hungary and Serbia, emphasizing shared goals and mutual respect.

The reception, while brief, was a meaningful tribute to the ties between the two nations, underscoring a shared commitment to a peaceful and prosperous future.

The night concluded with a reinforced sense of community, leaving attendees with a reminder of the values and heritage that unite both countries.

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