“I love France” Association – Presentation of tourism products and potentials of Serbia to the French tourist market

After the successful realization of a large international conference in Belgrade, on April the 20th, 2018, on the topic: “Presentation of tourist products and potentials of Serbia to the French tourist market” which was attended by a significant number of influential French tour operators and representatives of eminent French media, « I love France » continues with the promotion of Serbia on the French market.

At the same time, it was, after 27 years, the return of French tour operators to Serbia and its tourist offer, resulting from the great interest of French tourists in our country, which is manifested through the most famous French agencies specialised not only in individual tourist offers but also in group travel. Sladjana Novaković, president of the “I love France” Association, as the main initiator of the renewal of international tourist cooperation between our two countries, says that the re-establishment of strong tourist cooperation “undoubtedly helps the overall improvement of relations between the two countries, including not only tourism and culture, but also economic bilateral relations. After the conference, the Association “I love France”, based on realized researchs, concludes that the preferences of French tourists in Serbia, among other things, are getting to know the spa and wellness potentials. On this occasion, the Association “I love France” organizes a visit of five of France’s most eminent tourist spa and wellness media to Serbia, led by the French production company GLM Communication. They will stay in our country from 25 / 06 till the 29 / 06 and visit Bukovička, Vrnjačka and Prolom Banja.This is the first project of international importance that will be implemented in Serbia after the epidemic of the Covid 19 virus, and i twill be in the field of tourism. It will help us launch an aggressive campaign to strengthen the Serbian tourist market. By promoting the Spa and Wellness destinations of Serbia to the French tourist market, we will promote Serbia as a destination on the French market, in the most efficient way (especially by writing about Serbian tourist destinations in the most widely read printed media).

Sladjana Novaković, president of the “I love France” Association

This goal is directly related to the goals of the Tourism Development Strategy of Serbia 2016-2025, which relate to increasing the number of arrivals and overnight stays of foreign tourists and increasing the foreign currencies inflow from tourism.The project is implemented with the support of the Trade department, the Department of Tourism and Communication, the Association of Spas of Serbia, the Tourist Organization of Vrnjačka Banja, the exclusive project partner of the project, the hotel “Fontana” from Vrnjačka Banja, the hotel “Izvor” in Arandjelovac and the hotel “Radan” in Prolom Banja and finally, the Hotel Mona in Belgrade.

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