ICC Austria in cooperation with the Law office of Tomislav Šunjka is organizing a Master Class seminar in Vienna on 28th June

Serbian business environment will be presented from a different perspective and participants will learn how to implement legal provisions in real business life.

Seminar covers criminal and civil liability of managers and pragmatic solutions in relation to shareholders, authorities, accountants, auditors, employees, lawyers etc. Criminal offences connected with business and criminal liability of companies will also be highlighted as well as tools which a company, as victim of fraud and corruption, can use to trace and recover its corrupt asset. Participants will learn how and why it is important to perform Anti-corruption due diligence as part of due diligence process of Serbian entities. Serbian investment regulation and transfer of profits will round the seminar.

Details on how to participate can be found on the ICC Austria website (www.icc-austria.org) and on the website of the Law office of Tomislav Šunjka (www.sunjkalawoffice.com).

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