I&F McCann Grupa expands business operation in the Nordic region

In less than two decades Srđan Šaper has managed to create a communications system that operates in 12 countries, now including Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.


I&F McCann Grupa has expanded its business operations to the Nordic region by taking over the management of McCann Worldgroup agencies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. With this investment I&F McCann Grupa now covers 12 markets in Southern and Northern Europe, that have more than 58 million inhabitants, and after almost 20 years of successful cooperation has become one of the leading partners of the global agency network McCann Worldgroup and IPG from New York. I&F McCann Grupa currently employs more than 600 people, over 350 of whom are based in South East Europe.

On this occasion, Srdjan Šaper, who leads this communication system since 1997, announced: “Our long-term strategy has always been to develop, which is by no means easy in such a competitive economic sector as the contemporary communications market. With this I am implying both geographical and organic growth, as well developing in terms of advancing knowledge and services orientated towards our clients and, first and foremost, developing our team and every person within it. I hope that the enlargement of operations to the Nordic countries will prove useful, primarily to all of our clients, because our knowledge will be enriched through the experience of more developed markets, and to our employees, because they will have a much greater opportunity to interact with colleagues from numerous countries, and finally to our region, because we will actively highlight the possibilities provided by investing in the economy of this part of Europe among all existing or potential clients in the Nordic countries.”

Richard Bonner-Davies, the former President of McCann Worldgroup for Central and Eastern Europe, who has a long and successful experience in the communication industry, will be leading the agencies in the Nordic countries within the I&F McCann Grupa.

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