The importance of the dairy industry in Serbia and Europe

Savencia Fromage & Dairy’s new manager for Central and Eastern Europe, Mr. Boris Bourdin, has met the Mayor of the City of Zrenjanin Mr. Simo Salapura during his visit to Serbia and Mlekoprodukt. The manager and the mayor pointed out the importance of Mlekoprodukt and its contribution to the stability of economy on the regional and the national level.

– It is an exceptional honor to be given the opportunity to visit the Mlekoprodukt company. After the merger with the Savencia Group, the company was swiftly embedded into its business model, due to the long-standing culture of quality, and due to the its principles, that include the special approach towards employees, partners and the environment- Mr. Boris Bourdin, Manager for Central and Eastern Europe, Savencia Fromage & Dairy, said.

Mr. Boris Bourdin, Manager for Central and East Europe, Savencia Fromage & Dairy’s

We are very proud of Mlekoprodukt’s dedication to social responsibility which is one of the crucial elements of this company, on the local as well as on the national level. In Zrenjanin, we are employing more than 300 associates, and collecting more than 30 million liters of milk annually, sourced from 400 producers. So, this company is one of the most important stakeholders on the local and national level, with the perennial goal of establishing the continuity of the food chain, and of offering high-quality products to the Serbian consumers.

Due to all this, Mlekoprodukt has continued to grow during the last year, with brilliant results, reaffirming its position as the market leader in the categories of semi-hard and processed cheese. Savencia Group is renowned for its versatility, rich history and ethical business model, and all of this is complementary with the business model that is present in Serbia. Today, I have seen much passion and positive energy, as well as the desire for the further improvement and development. In the future, you can always rely on me and on my full support – Mr. Boris Bourdin concluded.

– In the past decades, Mlekoprodukt has been remarkably contributing to the economic stability of our city, as well as to the development of the economy and the city itself. This is especially true last year. Mlekoprodukt has preserved three hundred jobs and maintained the partnership with milk suppliers. Our City will contribute to the further development and so the milk production will increase – Mr. Simo Salapura noted.

Delegation of the Mlekoprodukt company and Mr. Simo Salapura, The Mayor of the City of Zrenjanin

Last year was very successful for the Mlekoprodukt company. It was officially certified as an exporter to China, Russia and EU countries. It has also entered a cooperation with Starbucks. The manufacturing process and standards are continuously improved, as well as the relationships with the partners. Safety of the employees during the pandemic is still the priority.

Boris Bourdin’s visit to Serbia is one of the indicators of the importance of our market in Europe and in the world as well. New directions and market expansion have a positive impact on our economy, starting from local farmers, raw material suppliers, partners as well as industrial producers. Mlekoprodukt’s goal is to keep young and skilled people and to provide them secure jobs and a better future perspective.


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