Increased demand for travel health insurance policies

As they were prevented to travel last year like they were used to, the interested visitors of available destinations abroad showed an increased demand for travel health insurance with the extended sum of coverage in case of coronavirus infection abroad in May 2021 by 58% compared to the previous month. Acknowledging the needs of its clients and the expected increase in the number of travellers abroad, DDOR osiguranje has significantly expanded its coverage of COVID-19 infection while travelling. The medical treatment coverage is now €10,000, with a payment of €200 in case of hospitalisation abroad. This way, all travellers abroad will have comprehensive financial support in case of coronavirus infection.

Travel health insurance with COVID-19 coverage can be arranged as individual, family or group insurance for up to 30 days. It is arranged as a loading to the base policy and provides medical expenses coverage and a fixed indemnity in case of hospitalisation caused by COVID-19. For example, for a family of four, the price difference for the COVID-19 loading with a travel health insurance policy is €10-15 for 10 days, which is the cost of one family visit to a pastry shop or a coffee shop. With such a policy, any traveller who gets coronavirus will have support and help up to the amount of €10,000 for covering medical expenses, transport and health services, as well as a one-off cash payment in case of hospitalisation for 3 or more days while abroad. DDOR osiguranje also offer travel cancellation policies, which provide partial financial compensation in case of travel cancellation due to a sudden accident or disease caused by a coronavirus.

DDOR osiguranje is the first insurance company that started providing protection in case of coronavirus infection while travelling as of June 2020, through supplementary coverage to a travel health insurance policy. Moreover, the service of arranging coverage in case of a COVID-19 infection for hotel guests in Serbia has been available on the market since last year. The accident insurance policy for guests of hotels, spas, resorts and other accommodation facilities with arranged hospital days due to COVID-19, is concluded as a group policy for legal entities. Insurance beneficiaries are all guests whose stay is recorded in an accommodation facility, without limitation in terms of age. This insurance is valid if a hotel guest tests positive for coronavirus during their stay in the selected facility and 10 days after leaving such facility if they require hospitalisation for that reason.

DDOR osiguranje has been operating in Serbia for over 7 decades. Since 2012 it has been part of Italian strong Unipol Group with realised written premium of EUR 14 bln in 2019, serving over 16 million clients. It is the leader in the domestic insurance market with multi-year growth of well-structured premium.

In Serbia, DDOR osiguranje serves over half a million clients through its team of 1,400 employees and its strong and extensive network of over 105 internal and 640 external points of sale, with an insurance premium of RSD 13 bln. As a socially responsible company, it is investing significant funds in culture, arts and road safety. It is the official insurance of the Olympic Team of Serbia and the Olympic Committee of Serbia.

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