“Innovation Explorer Forum” brings to Belgrade Anthony Hristov, artistic director of Pixar

One of the speakers of the conference Innovation Explorer Forum Serbia  2016, which will be held September 28th at the Hotel Metropol in Belgrade will be Anthony Hristov, artistic director of Pixar Animation Studios, which signed by some of the most beautiful animated films Pixar Animation Studios such as Finding Nemo, Wall- E and other brilliant cartoons of the company.


At a job interview, Anthony was interviewed by Steve Jobs who then hired him. Anthony will be on Serbia Innovation Explorer 2016 with us to share some of the most interesting stories from his rich professional career at Pixar, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros and the 20th Century Fox.

The Forum will, among other things be a lace to talk about stimulating creative environment in the workplace, about the methods and means to release the creativity of employees and what can be done so that the employees feel like they are part of something special and how to create a more creative atmosphere at the workplace.

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Anthony Hristov- Art Director, Pixar Animation Studios
He was born in July 1961 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts’ Ilija Petrov “in Sofia and emigrated month before graduating in June 1981.
From 1988-1991 Anthony worked for The Walt Disney Company, after which he continued his career at Universal Studios, Warner Bros 20th Century Fox, and from March 2000 to date, Anthony has worked for Pixar Animation Studios at the post of artistic director.

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