Intesa Invest organizes Open Day

Investment fund management company Intesa Invest has organized an Open Day to mark the Investment Fund Day.

At a total of 14 specialized branch offices of Banca Intesa in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Subotica, Vranje, Šabac and Jagodina, which perform activities related to mediation in buying and selling investment units of Intesa Invest, company representatives introduced citizens and legal entities to the benefits of investment funds, their types and operating method. In addition to that, all visitors had the chance to become members of investment funds managed by Intesa Invest.

Banca Intesa founded investment fund management company Intesa Invest in February 2018, with the aim to offer citizens and businesses alternative forms of investment with potentially higher returns compared to term deposits. The company currently manages Intesa Invest Comfort Euro and Intesa Invest Cash Dinar funds, which had over EUR 30 million of assets in mid-April this year.

Intesa Invest Comfort Euro is an open investment fund, organized as a balanced fund which invests in assets indexed in the euro. It is intended for investors who wish to invest a portion of their assets in state securities of Serbia and states with better credit ratings, as well as to have a certain degree of exposure to prestigious foreign capital markets in cooperation with one of the biggest asset management companies in Europe – Eurizon.

Intesa Invest Cash Dinar is an open investment fund, organized as a fund for preserving asset value. This fund predominantly invests in dinar deposits of banks operating in Serbia, and is aimed at investors who wish to generate yield in a short timeframe with a low level of volatility.

International Investment Fund Day is marked on April 19, the date of birth of Dutch merchant Abraham van Ketwich, who back in 1774 founded the first investment fund, titled Eendragt Maakt Magt (Unity Makes Strength).

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