IWC charity funds donation to help mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

IWC charity funds donation ceremony was held at the Hyatt Belgrade Hotel

Photo: IWC

The focus of this year’s IWC Charity fund was to provide resources for projects that aim to help mitigate the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the vulnerable populations in Serbia. From January until the end of February 2023, we invited Serbian organizations and associations to submit projects according to our guidelines which we (the Charity Committee) defined together with the IWC Board of Directors.

With a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the poorest and most vulnerable communities that suffer the worst effects. We wanted to provide aid to the most vulnerable people in Serbia affected by this pandemic.

Our focus in 2023 in accordance with the theme “COVID-19 relief” was:

  • Projects aiming to help isolated persons such as elderly people living alone or people with disabilities.
  • Projects aiming to help persons with no possibility of getting access to long-Covid rehabilitation.
  • Projects which aim to improve the quality of life of children, women, and senior citizens.
  • Projects whose mission is to empower and aid victims of violence and domestic abuse, exacerbated by the stress of the pandemic.
  • Other types of projects that meet the eligibility requirements will also be considered.

Thanks to numerous participating embassies and visitors to our last IWC Charity Bazaar, and thanks to many sponsors and donors, we were able to divide almost 3 Mio. Dinars among various projects. Our goal was not only meeting the Covid 19 relief guidelines but also finding projects from different local areas, which have different beneficiaries, are sometimes maybe even too small to be seen by big donor organizations, or are worth starting with because we see a big potential in the future.

Grants in 2022/2023 were awarded up to 500.000 Serbian Dinars.

Photo: IWC

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