JUBMES Humanitarian Night

In the premises of JUBMES bank, an unusual humanitarian evening was held to help children’s surgery of Serbia and children suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Six young academy-trained painters: Kasja Milenković, Kristina Pirković, Nataša Ristić, Veljko Valjarević, Stefan Lukić and Nemanja Đukić hosted an exhibition that was created during one night, live, portraying guests at the event. The whole event was designed by the JUBMES bank to support the Humanitarian Foundation For Child’s Heart, which the Bank established in cooperation with the Institute for Mother and Child, New Belgrade in 1992, in order to raise funds to help the Department of Cardiac Surgery and to provide them with necessary equipment. Help in treating children suffering from cardiovascular diseases has been a part of the Bank’s mission in past 26 years.

Portrayed guests were able to buy their portrait according to their capabilities and in that way donate funds for children’s surgery and the treatment of children. Young artists selector, academy-trained painter Mišo Filipovac, said that all the young authors were extremely motivated to contribute to the happiness of those people who are all around us but which we do not even notice. Therefore, the artist’s obligation is to make the world a more noble place, promoting the highest human values ​​and virtues. According to the president of the JUBMES Executive Board, Mr. Miloš Vujnović: “The task of each bank is to be at the service both of the economy and citizens, and to understand and feel the needs of the society in which it operates. Financial capital combined with artistic and creative capital can be valuable to the society we live in! “

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