Julius Meinl for better days for children

On World Poetry Day, March 21st 2018, Vienna’s leading company for processing coffee, Julius Meinl organized its traditional action where the coffee lovers got the opportunity to pay coffee with verses instead of money. All those who had coffee in one of the selected cafes throughout Serbia, were given a pencil and a paper instead of the receipt, on which they wrote few verses by choice and motivation, on the topic intended for our children “A Better Day“. Participants in this interesting action, and there were more than a few thousand, once again showed that feelings have far greater value than anything substantive.

This year’s campaign is different from the other ones in the past for its humanitarian character. In addition to the company Julius Meinl, cafes throughout Serbia, give up the income from coffee they served to guests. In this way, united citizens, caterers and representatives of company Julius Meinl raised funds for children in need in Serbia, which will be donated by the end of May 2018.

Managing Director of the company Julius Meinl, Mr. Goran Javorac said: „We are proud of our associates and fellow citizens, because they supported us on the World Poetry Day in a poetic way, in order to draw attention to the hope, expectations and fears of our youngest, but at the same time they recognized the importance of the humanitarian aspect of this campaign. A cup of Julius Meinl coffee is something we all enjoy every day and we have recognized it as a way into the hearts of users, and consequently the hearts of those who will receive this humanitarian aid. We hope that this campaign will motivate the participants in the future years as well, to be a part of it, embellishing life to those who really need it.”

World Poetry Day organized by Julius Meinl was celebrated in 37 cafes across Serbia. Some of them are in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Arilje, Ivanjica, Vranje, Bor … more about locations www.meinl.rs

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