Kasko osiguranje – the safest way to protect your vehicle

Did you know that only a few cars were stolen daily in Belgrade? Do not leave the case, but think about time and secure your vehicle today.

AMS Insurance has created an affordable service to protect your car in the best and easiest way. Finish the Kasko Insurance policy with us and you will be covered not only from theft, but also from traffic accidents, fire, falling facade and trees and other risks, if agreed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance.

Whether you choose Full, Supplementary or Partial Kasko Insurance, compensation for any material damage will be paid as soon as possible. This type of insurance is particularly useful because your damages are paid regardless of whether it was caused by your or someone else’s guilt.

AMS Insurance is thinking about you and that’s why we have paid premiums in 12 monthly installments, while for payment we are fully granting an additional discount, which additionally relieves your budget.

We remind all drivers that with each completed Kasko osiguranje policy you will receive a Super Member and Payment Card AMSS, which provides free services and savings on the roads of Serbia and Europe in a year.

If you do not want to bear the cost of any damage to your car yourself, knock on the AMS Insurance door. We are the insurer in the first place and that is why we created for you the best prices and conditions on the market, and thanks to our long experience, we can boast of quick and efficient payment of possible damage.

You can find us at Ruzveltova 16 in Belgrade or at some of the more than 250 sales outlets throughout Serbia, where you will be welcomed by friendly and professional staff willing to answer all your questions.

For more information, please call 0800-009-009 or visit our website at www.ams.co.rs.

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