Kesić in Serbian City Club

Serbian City Club from London will tomorrow, on the 1st of February, host Zoran Kesić, TV host and author of the popular TV show “24 minutes with Zoran Kesić, in the Parliament of Great Britain within the series “A Coffee with…”, which will be conducted by reporter Danica Ilić.


Zoran Kesić w
ill talk about the criticism of modern society and the political situation in Serbia through TV programmes with a satirical approach to reality, as well as on the state of media and journalism in Serbia. In accordance with the context, part of the discussion will be devoted to the role of the Diaspora in the processes in the country and the development of its society. Serbian City Club points out, “the Club has a great pleasure and privilege to host Zoran Kesić, and thus give the members a very useful discussion on the use and understanding of the media, the role and involvement of the Diaspora in Serbia, and other key topics that are of importance.” It is a part of a greater series of events which began on 14th January and will last until 5th March in London, Reading, York, Oxford, Birmingham, Halifax, Maidenhead and Tunbridge Wells, coordinated by a pianist Maja Jordan.

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