Koop Oscar Orchestra playing in Belgrade this summer!

After the break-up of Koop, Oscar Simonsson felt he was done with music. But the songs kept on coming to his head. He had no idea if or how he could release this music, but after hanging out with Lithuanian singer Jazzu a late night he asked her to try some of the new songs. He discovered how much he missed playing together with others, and decided to gather a band with Jazzu on vocals. This band is Koop Oscar Orchestra and they will perform a concert as a part of Musicology Barcaffe Sessions on the 24th of June, in Bitefartcafe Summer Stage, Kalemegdan fortress.

Koop © 2006 Photographer Anna-Lena Ahlström Sweden
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  1. What have you been doing during your break between Koop and Koop Oscar Orchestra?
    • Koop’s last appearance was 9 years ago. For the first time I was pleased, the music was understood in the right way. I had my babies and it could end there, but music continued to spin in my head. I’ve been wondering for a long time whether and how to share that music. Then I met a singer, Jazzu, and we tried to bring some songs with the piano only. At the end of 2014, we collected a group of musicians and practiced for several days – and then there was no return.
  1. What is the biggest difference between the old Koop and the current Koop Oscar Orchestra?
    • Koop has released three albums and they are a story for themselves. But for me, the Koop Oscar Orchestra is a continuation of all this. I’ve never had projects on the side, so I had the feeling that I’ve been doing the same thing all my life. There are still melodies appearing in my head, my piano and hard drive have more than 5,000 samples I’ve been making since I was 19. But if I had to extract a difference, I would say that there is now a little more Swedish folk sound and chords. And the melodies become easier, although Koop also had that tendency. And, of course, one person is missing. In my music, but also in my personal life. But I do not want to talk about it.
  1. You are preparing a new EP?
    • I plan to publish some EP releases in the coming year, but I will perform live songs for a while before I produce them. I think that’s a healthy approach, and it’s good that the band learns the songs before they record them. Also, I am more into the live sound, I love to feel the space and the atmosphere. Sometimes I hear a great live version of a song, and when I play the original, the studio recording sounds dead and boring. Live shows are the future.
  1. What did you miss the most when you paused after Koop?
  • Playing together with others. That’s what I missed the most. Playing for an audience as well, but mostly just being in a room with musicians. Playing music, singing together or clapping a rhythm is essential for humans. It makes us feel good. God bless Avicii, but if he would have had band mates I think his story would be different. It’s sick that artist has become a lonely job when playing music together with others is the most healthy thing for your soul.
  1. You visited Belgrade for the first time with Koop Oscar Orchestra in 2014. What were your impressions?
  • The first concert in Belgrade was one of our first ever. We had a secret surprise gig on a festival in Romania, and the best way to get there from Stockholm was flying to Belgrade the day before. So we decided to play in Belgrade as well. There was a little time for promotion, but the venue was packed with happy and smiling people. Hope to see them all again at the Summer stage.

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