Kopaonik Business Forum from March 1 to 4 – Focus on digitization and industry 4.0

This year’s Kopaonik Business Forum will be held from March 1 to 4, and the regional character of this most important economic event in the country is confirmed by the fact that at least ten of the 28 panels are dedicated to the entire region.

In addition to representatives of the chambers of commerce of the countries in the region, special guests at the forum include former state presidents and prime ministers from Croatia, B&H, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Serbia.For the first time at the forum, special hard talk interviews will be realized with Emil Tedeschi, a big regional investor, founder and owner of Atlantic Grupa, and Aleksandar Kavcic, a former student at the Mathematical Grammar School and a professor at the Carnegie Mellon University, famous for receiving the second biggest damage payment for a stolen invention in the USA.A large number of panels will be dedicated to the fourth industrial revolution, digitization, education, smart specialization, employment policy and brain drain, and the importance of industry 4.0 is shown by the fact that it will be the central topic of this eminent economic gathering this year.

– The aim of the Kopaonik Business Forum 2020 is to motivate all the participants to understand and actively shape the economic and business ecosystem, striving to push forward the global economy based on innovations and universal mobility – Vlahovic pointed out.

The Kopaonik Business Forum is organized by the Association of Serbian Economists in partnership with Mastercard.

Registration is available at www.kopaonikbusinessforum.rs.

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