Ksenija Karic, General Manager of Schneider Electric in Serbia and in Montenegro – Digital Solutions are Moving Life Forward

Digitalisations as well as connectivity are global trends which significantly gained on importance in recent months. As the global leader in power management and automation, through its platforms Schneider Electric offers optimal solutions including those when the market encounters major challenges

Ksenija Karić, New GM of Schneider Electric

Ksenija Karić has been recently appointed General Manager of Schneider Electric in Serbia and in Montenegro. She came to the helm of one of the leading companies in the segment of power management and digitalisation in time when market conditions change on a daily basis.

What are the company’s plans in the upcoming period and what will be the focus of your business operations?
— Our priorities in the future will include implementation of innovative solutions in the areas we are renowned for in the world and Serbia. Providing supreme service focused on end-users and development of the local economy by expanding the network of local partners are the things we will constantly work on in the future. That is the model we have been relying on for decades and it guarantees success.

Due to the current circumstances, we are compelled to be digitally operative and present. What are your expectations in regard to the future of digitalisation in Serbia?
— We expect to see greater connectivity of devices and IT systems in Serbia as well, which creates new opportunities for a more functional and efficient life. Schneider Electric will continue focusing on solutions that help large industries to keep up with the latest digitalisation trends, with a clear objective of cost-cutting and higher productivity in all the segments where our platforms and solutions are
present. It is also evident that sustainable business operations are becoming dominant in large companies, and that is the direction we must not neglect. Consumers all around the world and in all structures have changed their perspective and habits, and the companies that are prominent in these segments will be in a much more favourable position.


Ksenija Karić was appointed General Manager of Schneider Electric in Serbia and in Montenegro, succeeding Dejan Marković. After four years at the helm of the company, Mr Marković, was appointed the Southeast Europe Energy and Service Director. The former Southeast Europe Energy and Service Director, Dragoljub Damljanović, was appointed the VP Global Sales Smart Grid Services.

Ksenija Karić, GM of Schneider Electric in Serbia and in Montenegro

Consumers have changed their habits, business models also look different now. The future definitely belongs to modern technologies and digitalisation. What is your message to all those companies planning to invest in and change their business models? Is an investment an expense or some benefits can be expected?
— Development of IT and the energy sector and investments in new solutions in any segment of the industry actually represent a way to cost-cutting. If you have the right partner for digital services, you’ll be able to reduce operating costs by up to 50% and have recorded a 30% increase in energy efficiency. Achieving optimal consumption and saving on costs while office building occupancy is low are also the topics that emerged in the previous period. Many buildings that have switched from analogue systems to IoT now perceive significant benefits.

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