Launch of “Naša mreža”– First Cost-Free Business Platform in Serbia

The first cost-free business platform in Serbia, “Naša mreža” (Our Network) was launched, aiming to help SMEs improve their business operations.

Vip mobile created the unique business platform, based on an idea of offering relevant and useful content and of providing companies with a hub where they can connect and establish cooperation.

The platform consists of elements: Informiši me (Inform Me), Umreži me (Connect Me), Podrži me (Support Me).

Informiši me is an educational component of the platform, accessible by all users who visit the website or install the app. It includes useful information and inspirational content for improving business operations.

Umreži me is a central element of the platform, where companies create their respective profiles and have the option of communicating and networking with other companies, thus expanding a range of their business opportunities. Companies can create posts with news, announce procurements and directly send their bids.

Podrži me includes special benefits and offers, visible to all the platform users, whereas only Vip business users have the option of applying.

“Naša mreža targets all companies and entrepreneurs, particularly SMEs, which aim for additional know-how, new business opportunities and special benefits. With this platform, we strive to support business users where our assistance is needed the most – in creating new business opportunities. Our objective is to facilitate and simplify B2B communication and establish favorable conditions for setting up new partnerships,” said Branka Pudrlja Durbaba, Chief Marketing Officer at Vip mobile.

The “Naša mreža” platform can be accessed via the website or by downloading the mobile app for  Android at Google Play (, and will soon be available for iOS at App Store.

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