Leading Marketing Trendwatching Experts at Direct Media Academy

At the lecture for 500 marketing professionals, held in Belgrade within the Direct Media Academy, the world’s leading marketing experts Trendwatching presented the main trends, as a recommendation to brands, media and marketing agencies.

To offer a service or product that will make life easier for people, even using artificial intelligence, to be present everywhere and at all times in completely new places and in new contexts, to connect people with people who share the same interests, to change to a better own company from the inside and finally, to be different and unpredictable – these are five are global trends in marketing for 2018. “Consumer behaviour and their expectations are changing faster than ever. We need to recognise what the expectations are, before they affect the business, to meet them and innovate our products or service. In an environment where changes are happening quickly, you yourself need to become an observer of consumers and the trends they bring” said David Mattin, Global Trends and Analytics Director at Trendwatching. Director of Direct Media System, Jovan Stojanović, said that monitoring trends is important in marketing that connects companies and consumers, as well as constant work on itself through learning.

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