Lebanese drama “Capharnaüm” by Nadin Labaki shown on FEST

Lebanon’s cinema is on the 47th Fest drama “Capharnaüm“, directed by Nadin Labaki, a famous artist and activist in that Middle Eastern country, who is also a co-scenarist of a boy who sued his parents for giving birth but ignoring him.

Capharnaüm” was in the race for the Golden Palm at the Film Festival in Cannes in 2018, where he received the Jury Award. The premiere in Cannes was followed by a 15-minute ovation of the crowd on the nights. The film was nominated as the representative of Lebanon for the upcoming 91st Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, making Nadin Labaki the first Arabian director to be included in the selection.

In this Lebanese-American film, the 12-year-old boy Zaina (played by Zain Al Rafia) plays before the judge. To the question: “Why did you sue the court of your parents?” Zain replies: “Because they gave birth to me!” The film follows the incredible journey of this child in search of his identity, which at the same time struggles with the living injuries imposed on him .

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