Lesaffre supports university students

Employees of Lesaffre Serbia participated in the “After I graduate, I’ll be a…” project and organized a webinar on the profession of a technologist in the food industry and finance

Lesaffre Serbia and its employees participated in the “After I graduate, I’ll be a…” project, organized by the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the University of Belgrade- Centre for Career Development and Student Counselling.

A series of interactive workshops titled “After I graduate, I’ll be a…” for university students was focused on the promotion of various professions. Each workshop presented one specific profession, and experts from Lesaffre Serbia were in charge of a webinar on the profession of a technologist in the food industry and finance.

Jovan Krstić, a technologist employed in Lesaffre Serbia and Marija Mančić, a financial analyst, shared their professional and personal experience with a large number of students who joined the webinar. Besides knowledge acquired at university and additional technical capabilities, the webinar panelists focused on key traits of individuals applying for a job.

‘Some of the traits we find relevant are patience, hard work, determination, commitment, team spirit, communicativeness, courage in decision-making, organizational skills, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, said the panelists from ‘Lesaffre Serbia’. They highlighted the importance of internships and volunteering during university studies.

– During the internship, university students and young professionals have the opportunity to find an area of work suitable for their future professional career, learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and demonstrate their proactiveness and other above-mentioned traits to their employers – concluded panelists Jovan Krstić and Marija Mančić.

Miodrag Jelić, General Manager of Lesaffre Serbia, said that this global company highly appreciates the energy and knowledge of young people at the start of their career, either through an internship or the first job.

– All the employees are at their disposal for gaining the required knowledge and skills and we are very proud of their progress and contribution to results. Young people have to acquire know-how that will help them choose their future job and they should not be afraid of trying out several different jobs before they find the one that fulfills them – underlined Jelić.



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