Let the dice fall where they may – Sberbank Super Cash Credit

Sberbank Serbia has provided its clients with the possibility to acquire cash money in a fast and simple way in the period of the year when they need it the most.

Until the 3rd of September, everyone interested will be able to apply for the Super Cash Credit of up to 100.000 RSD, with the repayment period of 12 to 24 months, with NIR of 6,45% and EIR of 4,95.

“Summer is a period of vacations and preparations for the upcoming school year and every family needs additional funds to cover all planned activities. That is why Sberbank has offered its current, as well as future clients, the option of a Super Cash Credit, which will allow them to easily acquire the necessary funds. The only requirement is to provide a personal ID and an attachment of salary.” – said Mirjana Đorđević, director of the Department for the product development of Sberbank

Serbia. To get the additional information on the Super Cash Credit, as well as a representative example, visit the website: www.sberbank.rs

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