A survey found that almost 40 percent of students in seventh grade were physically active, but there is also an increasing number of children of the same age (41.5 percent) who think they should lose weight.

Association for School Sports of Serbia and Nestlé Adriatic Partners have implemented a project which involved about 25,000 seventh grade puupils over the course of seven years. After participatig in project education, they improved their knowledge about what constitutes a proper diet by 13%. During the seventh year of the project “Let’s Grow Healthy Together”, students learned about basic nutrition and its planning, the effect of food on the body, and received practical advice on how to apply this knowledge in everyday life through four lectures. For the purpose of evaluating the seventh year of the project ” Let’s Grow Healthy Together”, the Institute for Public Health of Serbia, Dr Milan Jovanović Batut conducted a research called “Research on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Habits of Students”, involving 6,300 students who participated in the project. The target population of the research were seventh grade students from 35 cities and municipalities in our country. In Serbia, the programme was launched in 2011 for the first time with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

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