Lidl Serbia Marks Five Years of Business

Investment in Serbia exceeds 550 million euros

Exactly five years ago, the citizens of Serbia had the opportunity for the first time to step into newly opened Lidl stores and experience the best price-to-quality ratio of products from Lidl’s carefully selected assortment. Since entering the market, Lidl has invested over 550 million euros in Serbia, exported Serbian goods worth more than 30 million euros, and employed more than 3,300 people.


„When we look back at the past, market-wise, not-so-easy five years, I can proudly say that we have opened all 67 stores in 38 cities with the same enthusiasm. According to the GfK research for the year 2023*, Lidl ranks first in terms of overall consumer satisfaction, and this is what motivates us to continue offering products with the best price-to-quality ratio daily, as well as to continue listening to the needs of our consumers and the domestic economy,” stated Dragan Čigoja, the CEO of Lidl Serbia.

The GfK multiclient study ‘Shopper 360’** for the Serbian market in 2023 has shown that Lidl is also ranked number one in terms of overall satisfaction ratings and in the categories of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as bakery. Consumers have rated Lidl’s bakery, produce section, and fresh meat assortment as the best in terms of cleanliness, fair prices, promotions, product presentation, and the best price-to-quality ratio.

Strengthening the domestic economy and suppliers

“In addition to the aim of ensuring that when we compare shopping baskets with products of equivalent quality, the basket purchased at Lidl is the most favorable, Lidl Serbia has been making a significant contribution to strengthening the domestic economy through exports abroad for five years now. So far, thanks to the distribution of domestic products, Lidl has exported goods worth more than 30 million euros to its retail network in the region and certain European countries.

Lidl is committed to long-term cooperation and fair business practices with its partners, and in all the countries where it operates, it has established a network of local and international suppliers. Local suppliers are represented in Lidl Serbia’s assortment with over 600 products, both through locally recognized brands and products sold under the Lidl brand. Additionally, after entering the Serbian market, Lidl has added a product line called ‘With Love, Domestic,’ which consists exclusively of products from local suppliers. These products not only have Serbian origin but also exhibit a high level of quality and unique characteristics. Around 100 different products are part of this special brand’s assortment.

Lidl – top employer

Over the past five years, Lidl has also been recognized as one of the most desirable employers in Serbia. The company has received the “Top Employer Serbia” and “Top Employer Europe” certifications for three consecutive years.

For its employees, in addition to competitive working conditions and opportunities for development and advancement, Lidl has provided a significant package of benefits in recent years, including private health insurance for all employees on equal terms.

Lidl currently operates in Serbia through two logistics centers in Nova Pazova and Lapovo, which are responsible for supplying 67 stores in 38 different cities, employing more than 3,300 people. Long-term plans are based on further business expansion and providing a unique shopping experience, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the shopping basket with products of equivalent quality at Lidl is the most affordable.

* * According to the GfK multiclient study for the Serbian market in 2023, the research involved 1,412 respondents surveyed from February 21st to March 2nd, 2023.

**“ Shopper 360″ is a multiclient study that combines data from household panels and the “Why to buy” questionnaire.

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