Luštica Bay – a Place to Belong

Destination of an Unparalleled Lifestyle for a Prolonged Summer on the Adriatic
Lustica Bay – Marina Village
The scent of the sea brought by the sea salt infused breeze from the Adriatic, the crystal blue sea, open restaurant terraces transforming into galleries of flavor, gatherings, and a capella songs echoing through the air—this is the summer longed for. It’s not just a season; it’s the place to belong.

Nestled on a peninsula adorned with olive groves and embraced by the azure Adriatic, Luštica Bay embodies the essence of coastal heritage. A place where summer extends its embrace into September and October, offering a longer and more enchanting escape.

The culinary tapestry of Luštica Bay is a splendid fusion of flavors lining the Marina Village promenade. The journey here is not complete without savouring the taste of Boka Bay’s delicacies, all while gazing upon the Adriatic horizon—a view as exquisite as the freshly caught local fish or the finest lobster. A collection of restaurants, trattorias, and bars, each embracing their unique concepts, yet united by a shared commitment to organic ingredients, harvested from farms or the sea and brought straight to your table.

A myriad of events designed to delight even the most discerning artistic souls, alongside a lineup of music, culinary experiences, sports, and children’s activities, paints a portrait of a serene Adriatic destination. Here, families and individuals alike can bask in the fullness of life.

Experience the essence of belonging at Luštica Bay, where the Adriatic summer never truly ends

A weekend by the coast or the destination for an extended stay on the Adriatic—Luštica Bay is all this and more. A range of rental apartments, from cozy studios for two to spacious three-bedroom penthouses for family getaways, offers the ideal retreat for a weekend escape or an extended Adriatic adventure.

The lifestyle of this coastal community, where life unfolds leisurely by the shore, leaves an indelible impression of late summer and early autumn on the Adriatic. Experience the essence of belonging at Luštica Bay, where the Adriatic summer never truly ends.


For years, Almara Beach has become the very essence of this coastal resort town – a unique shoreline that can be exclusively reached by a boat taxi from Marina Village or by the path through the olive groves of the Luštica Peninsula. Almara beach exudes an air of leisure, blending well-chilled wines and world cuisine flavors to craft the perfect Luštica Bay beach experience.

Marina Beach, with its Zen Sea Lounge and Garden Sea Lounge, nestles gracefully within Lustica’s landscape. It serves as a stage for light bites, dancing, and sunset cocktails against the backdrop of the azure sea just a stone’s throw away.

Crystal clear waters, fine sand, sheltered by the Velja Špilja cave – these are the hallmarks of Ramla Beach, a hidden gem until recently. Preserving a part of its untamed nature, Ramla Beach’s bar, bamboo sunshades, bamboo sunbeds, and sea swings have become the favorite haven for all visitors.

Almara beach exudes an air of leisure, blending well-chilled wines and world cuisine flavors to craft the perfect Luštica Bay beach experience

Piazza Centrale – A new place to discover

Piazza Centrale, nestled within the Centrale neighborhood of Luštica Bay, is the new gathering spot for all generations – a nexus that seamlessly intertwines the realms of gastronomy, music, theater, and sport. The events calendar at this locale spans a spectrum of art performances, concerts, children’s programs, and a weekly local produce market, all complementing the leisurely everyday life in this vibrant hub.

An array of cafes, a national cuisine restaurant, a premium pub, a modern beauty bar, and other shopping outlets converge to craft a fresh rendezvous point for both friends and those who are destined to become friends at Luštica Bay.

The Piazza, spanning an impressive area of 1,085 square meters, draws inspiration from the captivating ambiance of Mediterranean squares. It stands as a coveted destination, attracting both residents and guests alike. This vibrant hub exudes an energetic atmosphere, fostering a sense of liveliness throughout the year.


Luštica Bay is poised to redefine leisure with its upcoming world-class golfing destination, adding yet another layer of excitement to the experiences it offers. As the anticipation for the first swings at the Driving Range grows, golf enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Golf Academy next year, which promises to be a hub for honing their skills.

Fueled by a global demand for real estate, the elegant golf residences within the exquisite premier collection, featuring 7 villas, 12 townhouses, and 39 apartments, have swiftly been claimed by those seeking luxury living.

The momentum is set for a dynamic surge in rental and tourism options, further elevating the allure of Luštica Bay.

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