Majo Mićović is a new SSCC President

Majo Mićović became a new SSCC President. He is a graduate fromFaculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, graduated IT engineer at TEKO business High School, Luzern, Switzerland and holds SIZ  Schweizerisches Informatik-Zertifikat (English: Swiss Computer Science Certificated Engineer; Switzerland), bringing more than 20 years of high-level ICT global experience and start up development and investments. Previously, he was a consultant and/or Board member in a number of current and past organizations: banks, insurance companies, public sector organizations, health care and food sector.

Investee and executive officer in several current companies in the Region: Sky Express. leading ICT Security company (CEO), City Facility (leader in facility management in the Region, Board Director), Direktna Banka Serbia (one of the leading banks in Serbia, Advisor to Chairman of the Board), Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Board member), IT Multimedia Global Director at one of the most successful global multimedia broadband startups in 1998-2002, The Fantastic Corporation, empowering and managing successfully projects in more than 30 countries in the World. Thanks to Evolution Equity Partners Fund’s Consultant role, he was for 3 years involved in GDPR strategic and practical projects and developments. Starting November 2016 and onwards, actively supporting GDPR related projects in Serbia and Region, representing, selling and integrating GDPR certified ICT products and solutions like EPERI, DFLabs, Carbon Black, Onapsis, Logpoint and many others.

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