Major Shift in the Diplomatic Corps in Belgrade

According to information obtained by “Diplomacy & Commerce” from reliable sources, significant changes are underway in the ambassadorial corps in Belgrade this spring and summer.

After four years of service, Yahel Vilan, the Ambassador of Israel, Rafal Perl, the Ambassador of Poland, and Urs Schmid, the Ambassador of Switzerland, are all leaving their posts.

Additionally, after six years, Tomas Kuchta, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, is concluding his mandate, while Annika Ben David, the Ambassador of Sweden, and Joost Reintjes, the Ambassador of the Netherlands, are also completing their terms after three years.

These changes are expected to have a considerable impact on the diplomatic scene in Belgrade, with the arrival of new ambassadors bringing fresh perspectives and dynamics to the relationships between these countries and Serbia. The new appointments are anticipated to be closely watched and of significant interest both within diplomatic circles and among the public.

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