Manifesto of The Art of Doing Less

By Vladimir Manjko, MScEE

Since I was born, somehow W-word has been too much applied all around me; so it became weary, and shabby in the end. Now, I am tired even of thinking about work. Do less, but with passion. Hard work doesn’t make me happy. Any work per se doesn’t make me happy. But playing makes me happy, learning new things has made me happy, and waiting for a while, too.

What really makes me thrilled is the result. But, if there is hard work in any connection with this result, and mainly to it: “No happiness here, move on!”. It is only payback, we all expect in putting our soul and body into it. The result is not even important if you are having fun, constantly.

Result is a product of good planning. Someone said (ok, Benjamin Franklin dude) By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. If you plan well, work is only materialization of desire and that queue of actions, words, thoughts.

Result is sometimes unexpected. Result is only response from the universe on your acting, and sometimes it is impossible to fail, no matter how bad you are, or how clumsy you prepared or even failed to prepare.

So whatever you do, do less. If you are on right track you will succeed, prevail, win etc.

So I am finished, because writing less is accordingly a success.

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