Marbo Product And Its Employees Deliver Donations Across Serbia

During the COVID 19 virus pandemic, Marbo Product, part of the multinational PepsiCo company operating in the Balkans for 11 years, focused its socially responsible efforts on helping vulnerable social groups, as well as joining numerous donor campaigns and cooperation with foundations to provide help where it is most needed.

Marbo Product responded to the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and delivered the donation of Chipsy, Clipsy, Pardon and Gud products for the needs of a temporary hospital. In cooperation with the Divac Foundation, the products were delivered to the Church’s National Kitchen in Belgrade, which has more than 2600 users, as well as to the SOS Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica for more than 100 children within the village.

Through the #WakeUpCall campaign conducted by the Marketing Mreža portal, products donation were sent to the most vulnerable families in Belgrade. The goal of the action is to work together with the advertising industry to help the most vulnerable.

Through the Fund B92, a financial donation was also given for the Clinical Center of Serbia for the purchase of protective equipement for healthcare professionals. In addition, the company will deliver a donation of its products every week to all medical professionals at Clinical Centers across Serbia.

Donation was also given to the local community in Backi Petrovac, where the Marbo Product plant is located, as one of two within the PepsiCo business in the Western Balkans.

The activities of Marbo Product, part of PepsiCo, are part of a global effort to help communities around the world to more easily overcome the negative effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. The PepsiCo Foundation and PepsiCo Teams work to support communities in which PepsiCo operates worldwide.

Globally, PepsiCo has launched a $45 million Initiative project aimed at helping the communities most affected by this devastating virus, with a focus on providing meals and other vital resources. Thanks to its expertise in distribution, part of this initiative involves delivering more than 50 million meals to vulnerable populations.

A total of $ 7.7 million has been invested in Europe to strengthen the capacity of local health systems, especially in countries such as France, Italy and Spain. Also, PepsiCo uses its facilities and distribution expertise to deliver essential products, meals, personal protective equipment, as well as medical transportation and household cleaning for those who cannot leave their homes. Funds will also be used to support the most vulnerable groups in society, especially the elderly persons and children, many of whom are isolated from friends and family.

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