MARIO BIONDI in Bitefartcafe: Brazil, Mario’s new love

As anticipated, the concerts of Belgrade’s favorite Italian singer, Mario Biondi, caused great interest among his fans. For this reason, an agreement was reached between Mario and Musicology Barcaffe Sessions, so Mario Biondi will perform a third concert on October 5th. He will be singing on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th of October in Serbia’s capital, at the Novi Bitefartcafe club.

Mario Biondi’s unmistakable deep voice is warm and sensual, yet clear and confident. Born Mario Ranno, he cultivated his passion for music from a young age, listening alongside his father, the singer Stefano Biondi, later making his stage name a tribute to him.

This charming and very specific Italian vocalist has already performed twice in front of the Belgrade audience and every time the crowd was looking for more. So Mario is coming back to a place he already considers home.

  1. The last time you were in Belgrade two years ago. What are the impressions from the concert, about people and the city?

  • Belgrade is one of the cities where I feel like home and the audience always welcomes me with a lot of passion. I cannot wait to see them again.

  1. Your music is very appreciated among the critiques. Did you ever hope that so many different people around the world are going to listen to and understand your music?
  • When you stand in front of an audience outside your home country, you never know what to expect. But when you realize that they are singing with you and know all the verses, even better than you yourself, it’s a good feeling.
  1. What distinguishes your last album “Brasil” from the previous ones?
  • Brazilian music has always attracted me as a boy while listening to Di Javan. I learned to appreciate great classics like Tom Jobim and other Brazilian musicians. It is a country very similar to my Sicily, with great contrasts between beauty and poverty, but so full of passion, and this is exactly reflected in Brazilian music.

  1. What inspires you when you’re working on new music?
  • Everyday life. Sometimes when I practice for the show, the music comes by itself while I play my piano. Sometimes I do not write anything for months, and sometimes it takes minutes to write a song. Music is like emotion, unpredictable.
  1. What is the recipe, the key, for a jazz or a soul song to become planetary recognized, and at the same time to gain the approval of the true fans of these music genres?
  • What makes a song unique is not a genre but a passion it carries. If people feel “life” in a song, they do not care if it’s pop, rock or soul. This is something that happened with the album “Brasil.” It’s an album with an emotional journey through different genres and you almost cannot feel how they are changing.
  1. You worked with a lot of great artists, do you have someone you would want to work with in the future?
  • Now? It would be Jay Zee, because I think it would be a big challenge for me, or with Lady Gaga. I would like to work with artists who are at first glance quite far from my world, but they are complete musicians and excellent masters in their field.
  1. The concerts you will have at Musicology Barcaffe Sessions are intimate and you are really close to your fans. What kind of concerts do you prefer?
  • Definitely when the audience is closer to me. It’s not a matter of quantity because you can sometimes feel more emotions from 200 people in a small club than from 3000 fans. But to be able to see and feel the crowd is really something special.
  1. You come from a country that has a long tradition of drinking coffee. What kind of coffee do you like and what are the perfect moments when you drink coffee?
  • Primarily I drink espresso without sugar, but sometimes I happen to drink an extended coffee Americano. I believe that the morning coffee is the most important one.

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