Marko Martinović, Director of the PULSEC Company for the Belgrade area: Information security is key to business

PULSEC’s top engineers have a rather thankless task – to be one step ahead of potential new malware, which can result in not only the loss of money but also the damaged reputation of customers

The IT world is developing increasingly faster and with it a challenge related to information protection. Marko Martinović, Director of PULSEC for the Belgrade area, is in charge of the company’s work organization and functioning, contracting and implementation of projects, as well as ensuring, together with the company’s team, that the customers are safe and satisfied.

Could you tell us more about the PULSEC Company and its mission and vision?

PULSEC is a technology company specializing in the implementation and maintenance of advanced cybersecurity solutions, which can protect various businesses from any type of cyber attack. What sets our company apart from others who have the same service in their portfolio, is that we are the only company that closely specializes in security, which makes our expertise one-of-a-kind. We have been operating since 2018, and considering continuous and rapid changes in all segments of life, as well as specific needs and challenges that our customers face, we started this year under a new company name, with improved staff and strong business strategy to remain the No 1 partner of many companies regarding cybersecurity.

What kind of services that PULSEC provide to its clients?

PULSEC’s top engineers have a rather thankless task – to be one step ahead of potential new malware, which can result in not only the loss of money but also the damaged reputation of customers. That is why cybersecurity does not only entail engineering but also consulting and education. Thus, in addition to developing, implementing and maintaining specific IT solutions and methodologies, we work to ensure that clients understand the dangers and most common threats to their business.

Our main asset is the mix of know-how, expertise and experience, as well as partnerships with the largest global cybersecurity companies. We approach everything with strong commitment, responsibility and expertise while creating quality solutions and always listening to the specific needs of our clients. The difference between the rest of the IT world and cybersecurity is that we are not allowed omissions – therefore, we respond to many challenges with customized solutions, specially designed and made for a particular client and industry, all with the help of an experienced team of experts that possess unique skills.

How important is information security for a company’s operations?

Information security is key to business. For instance, almost all companies store data about their business on certain servers, and unfortunately, we are witnessing that numerous attempts to break into those servers occur daily. While being mindful that every omission can mean big losses for our client’s business, our job is to thwart and prevent such attempts.

Furthermore, we have been witnessing a shortage of IT staff, and on the other hand, the growing process of digitalization and process automation, as well as the development of cloud services. At the same time, remote work due to the pandemic, and everything it entails, affects the flow and protection of data and makes it difficult to identify their misuse. Therefore, we should bear in mind that solutions must be systemic, well-organized and integrated, to ultimately give results and that we must adapt to all these trends and circumstances.

What are your company’s plans for 2022?

For us, the year started dynamically. As we are always ready for timely response and prevention of cyberattacks, and we continuously and committedly listen to the pulse of the modern business environment and market, thus we came up with a new idea, visual identity and name – PULSEC. With an even stronger focus on quality, we are continuing to implement good practice while monitoring changes in organizational, systemic, legal and educational activities of corporations and protecting their business.

The fact remains that the list of clients who work with us has been growing every day, which means that they recognize the importance of cyber protection. Thus, to implement everything in the best possible way, our priority is to develop internally and invest in our people. At the junior academy we founded, we nurture the tradition of training all our cybersecurity engineers to become top experts who will help us to remain leaders in this segment.

While monitoring the internal development, we also plan to open offices in the region, bearing in mind that the Western Balkans is full of potential and that we, as a company, can certainly contribute to the development of this segment and related solutions. In addition to numerous new projects, I would like to point out that we are working on creating a single system, which will enable all clients for engineers to have 24/7 monitoring and analyzing their systems and network, in order to solve potential problems in real-time.

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