NLB Bank has supported the initiatives “PokrivaLice“(FaceCovers) ( /) and “Zaštitilice” (ProtectFace), launched by BFW Design Collective in Belgrade and the Jedi Movement in Nis. The associations have organized volunteers to sew protective masks and distribute them to institutions and individuals in need across Serbia. With the support of NLB Bank, about 4,000 more protective masks will be provided.

“We intend to provide medical workers, who are on the first line, with our “face protection “, and then the citizens, too, free of charge,” says Jedi Movement founder Milos Antic. He thanked all the people who took part in this initiative, as well as fashion designer Nevena Kragic, who, in addition to including her workshop in the initiative, made a significant contribution to the promotion of this activity, which helped increase the number of volunteers and raise funds for this action.

 “Our gathering was initiated by the need for medical professionals for the protective masks we saw through the FB Group »Pomoć za medicinsko osoblje« (Support for medical workers). We organized ourselves very soon, in the early days of the state of emergency, and spread information about our action through social networks. Within 48 hours we were delivering the first hundreds of masks to various medical facilities. After that, solidarity  did its job and, beside the designers, lots of tailors joined us, textile suppliers donated materials, volunteers for distribution supported the initiative and we realized that we can provide our PokrivaLice to lots of people get and thus do something for our community” said Nenad Radujevic on behalf of BFW Design Collective Designers Association.


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