McDonald’s helps to build a sensory garden in the “Radivoj Popović” elementary school

Traditional  voluntary fund-raising, in the context of “humanitarian piggy banks” in McDonald’s restaurants, for the month of March, will be devoted to the second phase of construction of a sensory garden in the elementary school “Radivoj Popović” that is Belgrade’s oldest schools for the education of children with hearing and speech disabilities, disharmonic motor development and autism.

It is the first school in Belgrade, which will become a sensory garden courtyard – educational, interactive, green oasis dedicated to learning, sensory- motor stimulation and relaxation of children through various curricular and extracurricular activities. The donation is provided by the restaurant guests, and contributions are collected in Piggy Banks, which are at the counters for ordering food in the restaurant. “This time we want to help to build a sensory garden in Radivoj Popović” said Veselin Janićijević, CEO of McDonald’s in Serbia. The project was developed in collaboration of the project team UG Belgrade Flower Festival together with educational and professional school staff.

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