Meet virtually Canadian writer Kim Thúy

In celebration of the Francophonie Month in Serbia, Clio Publishing Company and the Embassy of Canada organize  a virtual book-launch and a panel discussion with Canadian author Kim Thúy

About Kim Thúy’s novel EM and her literary work, diversity of francophone literature, multiculturalism, writers as holders of intercultural dialogue, role of literature in fragile democracies, culture of diversity, gender equality,  artistic contribution of women, will speak:

Kim Thúy, author, H.E. Giles Norman, Ambassador of Canada, Ljubica Arsić, writer, Dragana Varagić, actress and theatre director, Dragan Velikić, writer, Zoran Hamović, editor-in-chief,Clio

On Wednesday, March 24 at 16h, the event could be followed at:

(available translation from French to Serbian )

Kim Thúy, EM, translated from French by  Ljiljana Mirković

Born in 1968 in Saigon, at the age of 10 was forced to flee her native Vietnam with her parents and two brothers, fleeing the country’s repressive communist regime. Their impossible adventure began with a makeshift boat escape, continued with a torturous stay at a Malaysian refugee camp to finally end in Quebec, where her family managed to settle and start a new way of life.

Kim has a university degree in linguistics, translation and  law. She worked as a seamstress, interpreter, lawyer, and restaurant owner. She lives in Montreal as a professional writer.

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