Meeting of the President of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Morocco and the Moroccan Ambassador to Serbia

The Parliamentary group of friendship with Morocco, headed by the president prof. Dr. Vladimir Đukić held a meeting with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Mohamed Belhaj in the National Assembly

At the beginning of the meeting, the president of the Friendship Group, prof. Dr. Vladimir Đukić gave the opportunity to the members of the Group to introduce themselves to the ambassador, pointing out that the Parliamentary Friendship Group in the National Assembly has 34 members and expressed satisfaction that there is a friendship group with Serbia in the Parliament of Morocco, stressing the importance of parliamentary ties and diplomatic relations. He pointed out that the marked 65 years of diplomatic relations are a guarantee of deepening cooperation between the two countries at all levels.

He pointed to the visits of state officials at a high and highest level in the last few years, and expressed his belief that the two countries will deepen cooperation, to their mutual benefit. Đukić used the opportunity to thank Morocco for its principled stance regarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia and the support Morocco provides to Serbia in international forums on this matter. He added that Serbia represents a pillar of stability in the region and that it is fighting in every way to remain in that position, respecting international law and dialogue in negotiations. The president noted that there is room for strengthening cooperation in numerous areas and that traditionally strong and friendly relations should be accompanied by well-developed economic cooperation. He stated that Morocco and Serbia can improve cooperation in the field of education, information technology, tourism and economy. He also stated that Morocco can be a bridge to Serbia when it comes to the African market, just as Serbia can represent the connection between Morocco and the Balkans, and that the countries can act together in third markets.

Ambassador Belhaj agreed that bilateral relations between the two countries are on an upward trajectory and that Serbia and Morocco are building ties that indicate a strategic partnership. “Serbia is one of the closest European countries to Morocco”, emphasized the ambassador, adding that parliamentarians are a pillar of friendly relations and confirmed that the mutual visits of officials contributed to even stronger cooperation between the countries. He stated that his attention is currently focused on the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco to Serbia and the session of the Mixed Committee that would promote economic cooperation. Belhaj stated that he will continue to support Serbia in international forums, such as UNESCO, Interpol, Francophonie, and other international institutions. He emphasized that Morocco will not change its beliefs and values that both countries share.

To the interest of the MPs, the Ambassador also spoke about the potential for cooperation in the field of tourism and education, stating that on an annual level, an average of 5,000 Serbian citizens visit Morocco, and the interlocutors agreed that this number could be much higher by introducing a direct flight between the two capitals. The ambassador also stated that Morocco and Serbia have cooperation in the field of education and scholarships for students, which, as the interlocutors agreed, could be greater.

The meeting was also attended by members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Dejan Radenković, Dubravka Kralj, Andrijana Avramov, Usame Zukorlić, Marija Jovanović, and Hadži Milorad Stošić.

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